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  • Volunteer FAQs

    Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota. We hope as you learn more about LSS and our mission, that you will join us.  When you make a difference in other people's lives, the life you change may be your own.

  • How can I volunteer with LSS?

    Search for opportunities in your area. You can filter your search by location, commitment and interest area. When you have a found an opportunity that you are interested in, simply follow the contact/apply instructions on that opportunity posting. The designated staff contact will be in touch to further discuss your interest in volunteering.
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    What if I don't know what program or listed opportunities would fit my interests?

    You can direct more general inquires to the statewide Manager of Volunteer Services at or by completing an interest inquiry form.
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    Why do I need to complete a background check?

    To protect the interests and well-being of the people we serve, volunteers who either work directly with individuals or who drive individuals that LSS supports must have the same background checks as paid staff.  Volunteers in positions not working directly with individuals we serve will not be required to submit to background checks; the need for and type of background check will depend on the nature of the volunteer opportunity.

    A past criminal offense, does not necessarily preclude a person from volunteering. The results of the report will be reviewed by the program manager, along with the facts, including time, nature and job-relatedness of the convictions, before deciding whether or not to accept the volunteer.  

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    What is a motor vehicle record check?

    LSS is committed to the safety and well-being of the people we serve and support. An annual evaluation will be conducted for all current employees, interns or volunteers driving agency vehicles and/or transporting clients in personal vehicles. This will include obtaining an updated Motor Vehicle Report and evaluating any citations incurred during the past three years. It will also include verification of valid U. S. driver’s license and proof of insurance (as applicable). Minor citations do not necessarily preclude a person from volunteering with LSS.
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    What types of volunteer opportunities are available at LSS?

    There are a wide variety of opportunities in a numerous services across Minnesota. They include one-on-one relationships, group work projects, disaster relief, internships, helping provide needed goods and services, to serving on advisory boards, fund raising and advocacy work. Search by interest or location to find detailed descriptions on opportunities available.
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    What if I don't find a volunteer opportunity listed in my community?

    LSS does not have services in every community and not all of our programs are currently recruiting volunteers. We are working on expanding the engagement of volunteers and our needs change. Please check our web site on a regular basis!
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    What will I have to do in order to volunteer?

    Due to the diveristy of the services at LSS, the selection process varies amongst the different programs. Generally, once you have identified a position of interest, you'll be asked to complete an application form and be interviewed. If the assignment involves working directly with vulnerable clients, you will also be asked to consent to a background check. If the assignment involves driving, you will be asked to provide proof of auto insurance and consent to a Motor Vehicle Check. After the application process, interview and appropriate placement, you will receive appropriate training for the position(s) for which you will be volunteering.  
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    Do I have to be Lutheran to volunteer for LSS?

    No, LSS serves all people and welcomes diversity in its staff and volunteers.
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    Why do I need to apply for volunteer positions at LSS?  

    Because we want to make certain this is the best possible experience for you. The application process helps us match you to opportunities available and ensures that we can communicate with you about your volunteer role at LSS. It’s also an opportunity for you to interview LSS and determine if we're the right fit for you in meeting your needs and interests as a volunteer. Find an opportunity and apply today!
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    Where can I drop off items I want to donate?

    Locations that accept donations can be found on the In-Kind Donations page. To better serve you, please call ahead to arrange a donation delivery. We are not able to accept all types of donations so please check out our wish lists for a better understanding of the needs of our services.  We ask that donors complete a donation form for our records and your tax purposes.
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    I have court-ordered, community service volunteer hours to fulfill, can I volunteer with LSS?

    Due to the nature of our services, we are unable to fulfill most court-ordered community service hours.
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    What tax deductions can I take for volunteering?

    Please consult with your tax advisor about tax deductions for volunteering. Mileage and other costs may be deductible.
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    I have a group that wants to volunteer, what can they do?

    Opportunities for groups can vary throughout the year and will depend on our needs and resources available as well as what services are in your community. Groups have helped with yard-work, indoor home projects, making meals and children’s activities. We are not always able to have the resources available for groups and in the past groups have helped offset some of the costs.
    In addition, we have several groups that run Donation Drives at their office, congregation or part of their service group. We value your commitment to Donation Drives and ask that you track your volunteer hours to the project; to us your time matters regardless if you were at our site or not, you're a volunteer of LSS.   
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    If you have further questions please contact LSS Volunteers Services:

    Contact us by phone at 651.287.2563 or 1.800.582.5260. You can also Email
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