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Comfortable homes, professional staff and support services that meet the unique needs of each person.

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Individuals in Supported Living Services share a home with 2-4 roommates. Each person has their own bedroom and other living spaces are shared which offers a great opportunity to socialize and develop friendships. 


Individualized Planning

Individualized plans include hopes and dreams

Support is designed to help each person live as independently as possible, while still providing a safe and supportive environment. While individualized planning certainly includes many types of personal development goals and normal daily activities like bathing habits, learning to prepare meals, safety concerns, and participating in community activities, we believe it is equally important that the plans incorporate hopes and dreams.


Professional Staff

Training to provide the specialized support services

All staff are trained in CPR, First Aid, and the Vulnerable Adult/Maltreatment of Minor Act. In addition, staff receives ongoing, specialized training based on the physical and emotional needs of each individual we support, such as autism, epilepsy, dementia and other diagnoses.

LSS staff go above and beyond to provide excellent person-center supports

LSS has goals and standards for providing supports to people with disabilities that exceed state licensing standards. LSS is accredited by the Council on Quality Leadership (CQL) which promotes excellence in person-centered services and supports for people with disabilities. Through our partnership with CQL, we not only consider the importance of health and safety, we also look to the individuals' hopes and dreams.


Community Living

Making community connections

Lutheran Social Service recognizes the importance of feeling connected. Each SLS program is located within neighborhoods where we work hard to make connections with those who live nearby. Whether that includes delivering baked goods or attending a block party, we encourage a sense of community within LSS homes and in the community.

Ensuring transportation and access to activities

Along with the sense of community, LSS recognizes the significance of transportation to access the community. We ensure that you have access to transportation so you can participate fully in recreational activities, shopping trips and more.

Support for social engagement and volunteerism

LSS encourages individuals to participate in giving to their community when possible and if they choose to. Some social roles individuals currently choose to participate in are church greeters, bells ringers at Christmas time, volunteering time at local food shelf or Good Will, etc. LSS also appreciates when volunteers can help individuals get involved in their communities.


LSS Supported Living homes are licensed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS). Individuals are referred to Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota by their county caseworkers.

County contacts are available on the DHS website >

Terry and Kim Rossi 250x187“LSS did everything possible to support my brother. The LSS staff always treated Terry with compassion, dignity and respect. I believe that my brother is now functioning at his highest potential. His success cames from his own determination, the love of his family and the support he received from Lutheran Social Service of MN."

Terry lived in an SLS home - he now lives in his own home