Services for Older Adults


Financial Advisors and Estate Planners

Estate and planned giving

You can make a planned gift by designating LSS as a beneficiary of your last will and testament, charitable trust, life insurance policy or retirement plan.

The Norelius Society recognizes individuals and families who have created estate plan gifts to ensure that essential services will continue to be available to those in need.

Certain planned giving strategies may have a greater tax benefit than others. We have a complete tax update service for CPAs, attorneys, CLUs, CFPs, ChFCs, trust officers and other professional friends. We have partnered with GiftLaw services to provide free assistance to help you  provide clients with clear and understandable gift illustrations.

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Guardianship and conservatorship services

LSS Guardianship Options works with Financial Advisors and Estate Planners to ensure an individual’s financial affairs are managed professionally, appropriately and in their own best interest.

We partner well in our role of Conservator, Power of Attorney and/or Personal Representative of Estate to ensure the wishes of an individual are carried our during and beyond their lifetime.

LSS Guardianship Options has an electronic referral form available online to make the referral process as smooth as possible.

LSS Guardianship Options is always looking for an opportunity to expand our services to those in need. We have been fortunate to partner with many other committed community partners – contact us today to discuss how we could combine our strengths and build community today.

LSS Guardianship Options has regional offices which you may contact directly for more information or contact us with additional questions by e-mailing

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Pooled Trust Services

Older adults with a disability, especially those under the age of 65 can benefit from a supplemental Pooled Trust. When funds are placed in the Pooled Trust it moves assets from being countable to being non-countable assets, in relation to Medical Assistance and Social Security eligibility.

  • Join the LSS Pooled Trust with investment levels significantly lower than those required by banks and other trust companies.
  • Participation is affordable and accounts can be established quickly - typically within 3 to 5 days.
  • Pooling funds together can command better rates of return compared to many other individual savings plans and investment options.
  • Individuals and family members are not required to be a trustee or gain expertise in trust management.

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