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  • Media Room

     Please direct all media inquiries to:

    Jackie Nelson
    Senior Marketing Communications Manager
    2485 Como Avenue
    Saint Paul, MN 55108



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  • Subject Matter Experts available for interviews
    • Advocacy and Volunteer Services

      Susie Schatz

      Director of Advocacy and Volunteer Services
      Areas of expertise: Advocacy, volunteer services, grassroots engagement, community engagement, state and federal public policy, lobbying, coalitions
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      Juliana Keen

      Advocacy Manager
      Areas of Expertise: Public Policy, Grassroots Organizing, Nonpartisan Elections and Voting
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    • Disability Services

      Nancy Rosemore

      Associate Vice President of Services for People with Disabilities
      Areas of Expertise: Changing trends in disability services, person-centered supports including new living options for people with disabilities,adult foster care, human rights for people with disabilities
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      Joyce Hagen

      Senior Director for Personal Support Services
      Areas of Expertise: Developing and implementing multiple, complex Personal Support Services in multiple sites and community locations for people with disabilities and brain injuries.
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    • Financial Counseling

      Darryl Dahlheimer

      Program Director, LSS Financial Services
      Areas of Expertise:Consumer debt, personal finance, budgeting, credit improvement, use of credit, money management, payday lending, debt settlement scams, consumer protection, foreclosure prevention, bankruptcy, anti-poverty and asset-building programs, financial literacy. 
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      Elaina Johannessen

      Program Director, LSS Financial Services
      Areas of Expertise: Consumer debt, personal finance, budgeting, credit improvement, use of credit, money management, debt settlement scams, consumer protection, foreclosure prevention, and student loans.
    • Older Adult Services

      Monica Douglas

      Senior Director, LSS Senior Nutrition/LSS Caregiver Support & Respite Service
      Areas of Expertise: Innovative meal delivery systems for older adults; the increasingly-important role of community-based solutions to help older adults stay healthy and independent; trends in integrating health and social services to meet the coming Age Wave; unique concerns for aging Minnesotans in rural communities.
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      Tara Giese

      Program Manager, Caregiver Support and Respite Program
      Areas of expertise: Providing innovative, community-based services to meet the needs of family caregivers to keep them as healthy as possible so that they can continue to care for their loved ones; aging issues in rural communities; caregiver coaching, education and training; the benefits of individual and group respite care.
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    • Youth and Family Services

      Patrice O’Leary

      Senior Director Youth, Housing & Family Resources
      Areas of Expertise: Youth homelessness, youth development, positive youth development, rural homelessness,
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      Janet Salo

      Family Support Specialist
      Areas of Expertise:  Kinship caregiving, and advocating for individuals with intellectual disabilities and/or mental illness..
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      Jonelle Bollig

      Therapeutic Foster Care Coordinator
      Areas of Expertise: Child foster care, licensing, Children’s mental health.
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      Lynn Gerlach-Collard

      Program Manager – LSS Renaissance and Street Outreach, Duluth
      Areas of Expertise: What works for youth experiencing homelessness, trends in youth services, and unique concerns for youth in Greater Minnesota experiencing homelessness.
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