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George Klauser - 11-30-15

George Klauser

Executive Director, Altair-ACO

In 2013, George Klauser was named Executive Director of the Altair Accountable Care Organization (ACO), a new collaboration of seven disability, health and wellness partners including Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota. The ACO offers a compassionate redesign in disability services by creating a life-planning process that enables people with disabilities to make their own choices. Klauser will use his experience as a health care consultant, and his seat on the Executive Cabinet, to streamline the expansion of services for people with disabilities and older adults.

“LSS is fully committed to the values it holds for building health and happy futures for all Minnesotans. As a Christian, I am honored to be part of an organization that expresses the love of Christ for all people through service that inspires hope and builds community. As a cabinet member, I am proud to join this very talented group of executives and contribute my passion for helping my neighbors as we work together to shape the future of LSS.”

Klauser will manage the ACO and develop strategic plans to deliver a continuum of community and health services that improves quality of life for people with disabilities. He will also represent key stakeholders in discussions with the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

Throughout his career, Klauser has built a proven track record of effective leadership and contribution in challenging business environments. He has served as Vice President of Service and Operations for Xiotech Corporation, Chief Operation Officer and Vice President of Virtual Growth, Inc., and President and Executive Vice President of Ceridian Employer Services. Prior to joining Lutheran Social Service, he served as President and CEO of Opportunity Partners, a partner organization within the Altair-ACO.

Klauser attended Cardinal Stritch University. Later, at the University of Minnesota, he earned additional credentials after completing the Executive Development program. Klauser then explored leadership in the nonprofit landscape at the University of St. Thomas where he completed a mini-master’s program in nonprofit management.

Previously, he served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Opportunity Partners. He is currently a member on committees within ARRM and the Minnesota Organization for Habilitation and Rehabilitation driving improvements to support services for people with disabilities. He also fulfils duties as an advisor to Stratus Health and various committees at the Minnesota Department of Health.

Klauser enjoys reading, swimming, and participating in volunteer activities at his church.

To contact George:
Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota
2485 Como Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55108
Phone: 651.642.5990