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Cherish All Children

A new partnership with LSS

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Cherish All Children is a ministry that equips congregations with educational tools and resources to prevent child sexual exploitation in their own communities. Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota’s new affiliation began with Cherish All Children in 2017, and includes a focus on helping our children and youth protect themselves from trafficking.  It teaches youth, and their champions, to be aware of the signals that they are being lured into the danger zone. This ministry's vision is that congregations will engage in prevention so all children may be cherished, not exploited.

Cherish All Children’s prevention model is “pray, educate, connect and act.” By providing congregational manuals, prayers, educational resources and community events, individuals learn about the complexities of sex trafficking and how they can take action. Opportunities to get involved may include reaching out to schools, work places, family members and friends, or other churches.

While based in Minnesota, Cherish All Children supports the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) churches across the United States. These congregations are empowered to take informed and faithful action within their communities.

Learn more on the Cherish All Children website

My Neighbor is Not for Sale - A Congregational Discussion Guide

MNNS resource manual

Designed to help your congregation understand the issue of child sexual exploitation and trafficking, My Neighbor is Not for Sale is a free four-part guide designed for Adult Education sessions, Lenten studies, Youth groups and others. 

Created in collaboration with Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota, this guide can be used in congregations nationwide to learn about sex trafficking, about ending the demand, and about prevention. Education and awareness are key prevention measures in keeping children safe from harm.

Each session introduces you to a key topic to prevent child sexual exploitation, offers a Biblical response, and questions to discuss in your group. It is our hope that congregations will use this tool to become educated on this topic and see the needs in their own communities.