Center for Changing Lives – Duluth

The Vision

Our Commitment – From Here On

Youth Under Bridge

The vision of Lutheran Social Service (LSS) is that all people have the opportunity to live and work in our community with dignity, safety and hope. LSS seeks to be the neighbor that changes lives.

We will come together to build the Center for Changing Lives. It will be one central location where at-risk young people can find safety, support and guidance. A place where they will have the counseling services, healthcare, life-skills development, educational support, job skill development and mentoring, as well as the short and long-term housing they need to step into the best lives they can build for themselves.

Building The Center for Changing Lives

The Center for Changing Lives will be piloted in Duluth and become a model for solving the problems of youth homelessness across Minnesota.

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Housed within its walls will be a Teen Health Center, transitional as well as supportive housing units, and LSS services that will allow for continuity of care and access to a trusted adult.

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Who It Will Help?

The Center for Changing Lives will serve young people from all walks of life.

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Stories of Courage and Hope

Read and view stories of how courageous at-risk and homeless youth have overcome their life situations with the help of LSS.

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