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We Are Making A Difference Right Now

We Are Making A Difference Right Now

In greater Duluth, Lutheran Social Service (LSS) helps over 600 young people every year, making thousands of contacts with them and providing them with the resources they need to launch into a productive, healthy and independent life, through:

  • Transitional housing — about 24 young people are provided with a safe place to stay for up to 18 months while they go to school, get a job and learn important life skills.
  • A free walk-in Teen Health Center — primary and preventive care is provided to over 100 young people, ages 13-24.
  • A runaway program — 55 young people under 18 are guided to safe housing and where possible, to family and re-unification.
  • Truancy intervention — barriers to regular attendance at school are removed for approximately 360 students and their families.
  • Street outreach — four street outreach workers make more that 8,200 contacts with young people on the street, providing them with support, encouragement and referrals to life-changing services.
  • Oh No 18 (ONE) — about 55 young people preparing to transition out of foster care are provided with education, support and case management as they get ready to move into independent living.
  • Together for Youth — nearly 50 gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, or transgender young people participate in support groups.
  • Safe Place — LSS has worked with local businesses and community organizations to clearly mark area locations as Safe Places. Young people who enter a Safe Place are guaranteed to receive help from a trained service provider within 30 minutes. Many of these young people are then provided with access to shelter or other support services.


Hear stories of people who were served by LSS. Listen to Stephanie, Darell and Jasmin share their stories of heartbreak, triumph and the hope that comes when someone steps in to help.



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