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The Need

We Are Called To Do More

We Are Called to do More

As it stands today, Lutheran Social Service (LSS) services are spread around the city and are not easily accessible to those who need them.

For young people in disruptive situations, getting to an appointment with a truancy case manager or to a health center becomes a challenge. In addition, many are unaware of the life-changing services and housing available to them.

Currently, LSS works in close coordination with many agencies throughout Duluth and the surrounding area that share our mission of preventing homelessness:

Our Youth Need One Central Place Where They Can Walk Into Hope.

Even with a strong network of supportive services, there remains a critical shortage of crisis response, supportive services, as well as transitional and long-term housing for at-risk youth. Young people in our region need one central place to turn when they need us most. A place where they can find trust, feel secure and find the resources they need to help them when they are vulnerable and afraid.

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