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A Bible Study Exploring Youth Homelessness

To help you raise awareness among your congregation about youth homelessness, Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota has partnered with Luther Seminary professors to create a five-week Bible study.

Seminary Profs

The study is available for your congregation’s use – free of charge. Follow the links below to access each week's session.


Session One: “You’ve Been Our Home Forever"

Rev. Dr. Rolf Jacobson, Associate Professor of Old Testament

“Wrap your mind around that for a moment! God values human flesh and blood so greatly that God took on human flesh in Jesus Christ and God’s Spirit indwells the body of every single Christian.”

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Session Two: All in the Family of God

Rev. Dr. Karoline Lewis, Associate Professor of Biblical Preaching

“What does it mean to be a part of the family of God? What does it mean to be a member of Christian community? There may be no other person more well-equipped to answer these questions than the man born blind who Jesus chooses to heal in John 9:1-10:21.” 

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Session Three:  The Kingdom of God is for Children

Rev. Dr. Matthew Skinner, Associate Professor of New Testament

“The kingdom of God belongs, therefore, 'to such as these'—to people keenly aware of the precariousness of their existence, to people formed into a new community that recognizes the intrinsic worth of all its members. How should this reality affect how Christians view and support the children around us?”

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Session Four:  Worship as a Way of Life

Rev. Dr. Dirk G. Lange, Associate Professor of Worship

“Worship marks a faith community not by isolating it or gating it off, separating it or considering it somehow special but by belonging totally to the world around it, by belonging, giving itself to the neighbor in the street”

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Session Five: Love Teaches Us Who God Is and Who We Are

Rev. Dr. Eric Barreto, Associate Professor of New Testament

“We answer their calls because we are driven by God’s love for us and for all people, by faith in a God who never leaves us, by a hope that declares boldly that the lives of these young people can be turned around.”

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Encourage your congregation to engage with the issue of youth homelessness by using this free resource! Feel free to use it creatively – from an adult education hour to confirmation study to a preaching aid. Delve into how God calls us to respond to our young neighbors experiencing homelessness, right here in northeastern Minnesota.