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Pathways to Growth

At LSS, we value employees and invest in them. Through our Pathways to Growth initiative, you can map out your career at LSS and design a path that works for you!


Leadership - Pathways to Growth


With many opportunities to advance and LSS’ commitment to promote from within, employees have room to grow. There are many career opportunities here for you! When you’re ready to take the next step, we provide tools and resources to help you be successful. 


Our Employees’ Pathways to Growth 

Jen - Pathways to Growth

Jen Fairbourne

Jen, who leads Metro Homeless Youth Services, loves working with resilient young people who are without a place to stay. She also knows what it means to be on her own as a youth. 

Kyle - Pathways to Growth

Kyle Larsen

Accounts payable, payroll and financial statements are second nature to Kyle. He began his work as a Senior Accountant and is now the Controller.

Melika - Pathways to Growth

Melika Fahmy

Melika attended an LSS training and was amazed by the “spirit, passion and upbeat relationships.” She later signed on with LSS and is now managing four homes serving people with disabilities.

Yusuf - Pathways to Growth

Yusuf Abdi

As an eighth grader, Yusuf served as a volunteer interpreter in LSS Refugee Services. He now leads the division.

Dawn - Pathways to Growth

Dawn Koosmann

Dawn first came aboard LSS as an Accounts Receivable clerk. Now as Senior Manager of Buildings and Fleet Management, she keeps her pulse on all vehicles and properties.

Jeri - Pathways to Growth

Jeri Schoonover

Jeri has held seven different positions at LSS! She is currently Chief Service Officer. Read about her amazing journey.