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2016 Annual Report

CEO Message

Dear Neighbors,Jodi Harpstead 2015 for CEO message

One can’t tell the story of Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota without sharing stories of the amazing people we work with, both the LSS staff and the individuals who receive their support. People are at the heart of our mission – helping them live their best lives is what we’re all about. It’s a very personal business that requires skilled, passionate staff to understand the nuances of each situation and provide the right support to empower individuals and their families.

Fueling our work are the hundreds of stories of the individuals supported by LSS of MN – stories of caring and innovation. The stores of Yuri, Nicole and Jeff highlight our recent work.

Yuri and Nicole live in an LSS Host Home, an innovative housing option that offers people with disabilities the ability to experience the comfort of living in a family home, along with the freedom to choose what support they need to lead full, independent lives in their community.

Jeff, as a result of skilled person-centered planning through LSS, identified a goal to ride his bicycle more independently. He soon realized he was capable of much more – and has moved out of a four-person residential home and into an apartment.

Yuri, Nicole and Jeff have all expressed excitement and pride in their new-found independence as a result of services offered through LSS of MN. Our new approaches to person-centered work have provided them, and hundreds of other individuals, the opportunity to live their best lives. We thank you, our friends and supporters, for making this possible through your generosity.

Jodi Harpstead

Chief Executive Officer


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