Services for People with Disabilities


Adult Foster Care

Lutheran Social Service of MN is committed to offering individuals with disabilities opportunities to fully participate in and contribute to community life. We offer two types of adult foster care:

Family Homes

The individual stays in the home of a licensed provider and caregiver.

Host Homes

A family-style living option where a person with disabilities can get the care they need with the flexibility and comfort they desire. Host homes are operated by a person or family who opens their home, their life and their heart to a person with a disability. More information about LSS Host Homes


Group Homes

Professional, trained staff provides support services in a home shared with roommates.

Supported Living Services (SLS) Homes

"Group homes" where 3-4 individuals live together as roommates. Professional staff are available 24 hours a day to provide support services that meet the needs of each resident. More information about Supported Living Services (SLS) Homes

Transitions Brain Injury Services

Comfortable homes for individuals with brain injuries and the ongoing care and therapeutic services that support your rehabilitation and your transition to the next chapter in your life. More information about LSS Transitions Brain Injury Services




Other Living Options

Adult foster care is not the only choice for people with disabilities.

In-home Support Services

Individuals with disabilities live in their own homes or apartments, with family-members or with friends with LSS support. We enthusiastically support individuals living in LSS adult foster care homes to develop the independent living skills and the comfort-level necessary to transition to semi-independent living.
More information about In-Home Support Services