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Church Partnerships

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    Church Partnerships & Philanthropy


  • LSS supports congregations and strengthens their ministry through:


    Church and community members have access to a wide variety of services to support their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.
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    Social Ministry Service Opportunities
    LSS offers congregations opportunities to serve in meaningful ways that change lives.
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    LSS supports and engages congregations and their membership in social justice causes to support vulnerable people in our communities.
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    Congregations support Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota through:

    Congregational Giving
    Every year, hundreds of Lutheran congregations provide financial support for Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota through budget allocations, special offerings, and fundraising. 
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    Pastors, youth group leaders, and members of congregations trust Lutheran Social Service when members of their community may benefit from services. 
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    Partnering in Social Service Ministry 
    Congregations with a strong social service ministry have “adopted” specific LSS services. 
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