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  • Larry Smith

    Access to Care for People with Disabilities

    Since being hired as an Intellectual and Developmental Disability Advocate last year, Larry Smith has gone to the Minnesota State Capitol to talk with legislators, visited Washington DC, and attended multiple self-advocacy conferences.

    Fueled by an eagerness to learn about public policy and human rights, Larry has quickly become a permanent fixture in the advocacy community. His growing knowledge and personal experience has provided valuable perspective at Advocating Change Together (ACT) meetings and for the Self-Advocates Minnesota (SAM) Leadership Circles.

  • Access to Services for People with Disabilities

    The Issue

    Redesign of supports for people with disabilities will be necessary to provide innovative services to increase independence in community.

    The Goal

    • Accelerate reforms so people with disabilities can design their own lives. 
    • Address Minnesota’s workforce crisis with better wages and reforms so that people with disabilities and caregivers/Direct Support Professionals and can live their best life.

    2016 Public Policy Priorities

    View our 2016 Public Policy Priorities.

    Workforce: Best Life Alliance

    LSS is a strong supporter of the Best Life Alliance, a nonpartisan coalition of more than 130 Minnesota service providers, caregivers, people with disabilities, older adults, family members, and community partners advocating for Home and Community-Based Services.  A 5% rate increase for Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) in 2016 is needed to transition to models that support more people with disabilities and older adults to live independently and sustain the current workforce responsible for this transition. View the  Best Life Alliance Fact Sheet.

    Your support is critical to the success of the Best Life Alliance. Learn more about the Best Life Alliance and find out how you can take action. 

    Innovation: Home and Community-BasedServices Innovation Pool

    Increasing the funding will enable more providers to offer innovative and cost saving living and work arrangements to people with disabilities and receive incentives that will allow providers to meet specific benchmarks.

    Person-Centered: Consumer-DirectedCommunity Supports (CDCS)

    Reform the budget methodology for Consumer directed community supports (CDCS) so that more individuals can use this creative and flexible model to design their most independent life possible. 

    Independence:  Medical Assistance Reform

    Increasing the spend-down to match the qualifying income limits for MA and increasing asset limits, will allow Minnesotans to earn $200 more per month to support their independence in community and to save up to $10,000 in assets.

    To share your story about how the spend-down has impacted your life, or for more information about how you can get involved in the Medical Assistance Reform campaign to raise income and asset limits, visit the Minnesota Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities.

    Community: Bonding for housing that is affordable

    To accelerate the implementation and success of the benchmarks of the Olmstead Plan, individuals with disabilities who would like to live in more independent settings in the community will need housing options that are affordable and accessible.

    Visit the Homes for All Alliance webpage for more details. 


    Please use these tools and resources to build the will of the public in your community.