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My Neighbor is on Medicaid

Many Americans do not understand Medicaid and who is eligible for Medicaid services. As our population has aged, more and more seniors have “spent down” all their own assets, ending up with Medicaid support to pay for nursing home care in the last years of their lives. People born with disabilities, such as autism, depend almost entirely on Medicaid support throughout their lives for healthcare and social services. We couldn’t possibly make anyone an expert in these complex federal programs in a few pages, but our hope is to:

  • Remind Christians of God’s call to love older adults, people with disabilities, families living in poverty, and children.
  • Lay out a very few basics from reliable sources of how Medicaid works and what “per capita caps” and “block-granting” means.
  • Introduce Americans to some of their neighbors who are supported by the U.S. Medicaid program today.

Faces of Medicaid video


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