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  • Motor Vehicle Records Check

    For all potential employees who will be driving an Agency vehicle or transporting clients in a personal vehicle, a Motor Vehicle Records check must be conducted before final hire.
  • Driver Eligibility Requirements

    • No at-fault accidents in the last three years while driving on agency business
    • No more than two (2) minor violations in the last three years (Risk Management must give approval prior to hire for potential employees having more than two minor violations)
    • No major violations in the last three years
    • No violations for manslaughter or vehicular homicide
    • Driver be 18 years of age or older

    An annual evaluation will be conducted for all current employees, interns or volunteers driving agency vehicles and/or transporting clients in personal vehicles. This will include obtaining an updated Motor Vehicle Report and evaluating any citations incurred during the past three years. It will also include verification of valid U. S. driver’s license and proof of insurance (as applicable).


    At-fault accident
    Any accident where you are designated as having caused the accident, or negligently contributed to its occurrence.

    Minor violations
    The following are examples of, but do not include all, minor violations: speeding (under 20 mph), passing violations, failure to yield at an intersection or stop sign, failure to yield to an emergency vehicle, improper passing, altered license or unlawful use of license or permit, driving on the wrong side of the road or in the wrong direction, moving violation resulting in filing of Evidence of Financial Responsibility, violation of license restriction (i.e. corrective lenses).

    This category does not include cases involving motor vehicle equipment, load, or size requirements, improper display or failure to display license plates, failure to sign or display registration card, or failure to have in possession a valid driver’s license.

    Major violations
    The following are examples of, but do not include all, major violations: driving under the influence; refusal to submit to test for alcohol or failed test (Implied Consent Law); driving while impaired; driving 20+ mph over the speed limit; reckless, careless, or negligent driving; misrepresentation of identity or other material facts; removal, falsification, or unauthorized use of VIN or registration plate; driving while license canceled, revoked, suspended, or withdrawn; hit and run; failure to stop and render aid after an accident; driving without insurance; vehicle theft; resisting arrest; vehicular homicide, manslaughter, or assault; or a violation resulting in fatal accident or personal injury.